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Zakiya Edens is the founder of

Edens Consulting Group – an education and career consulting firm focused on transitioning high school students to colleges that meet their needs to reduce to college freshman dropout rate.


To date, Zakiya has assisted about 1,000 high school students throughout their college exploration process.

Edens Consulting Group meets with parents and students several times over the course of the process. Talking with students to understand their needs and future educational pathways, assess for level of independence, special needs and supports required to be successful. All this information is considered when presenting options to the student. Once a college or career is chosen, Edens Consulting Group offers a continued transition service to help students adjust as fast and as healthy as possible.


Our "Dream" Packages 

One on One 

College Consulting Sessions

Our individualized college consulting services are personalized to fit the needs for each student and their families. We meet one-on-one with each student.

Edens Consulting Group understands the importance of getting to know the unique personalities, college options, and interests of each student. 

Financial Aid and


 Edens Consulting Group prides themselves on award letter explanation, scholarships essay support, and interacting with the college/university throughout the financial aid process. Many students and families are left with unmet financial needs. Students and families  and may take on loans or drop out as a result. Edens Consulting Group is here to ease the worry during the financial aid, and scholarship research process. 

College Acceptance and Retention

You've been accepted into college, or you found the career that fits your needs. What's NEXT??  

“About 1 in 5 students accepted by colleges nationwide fail to show up for classes in the fall; for low-income students, that number is above 40 percent.”  This crisis is called is called the summer melt. What is the summer melt? The summer melt occurs during the summer after high school graduation. The student completes high school in hopes to begin school in the Fall.  Unfortunately, the high school student does not matriculate in the Fall.  Many students and families run into dead ends, with no one to call, and many families loose hope! Don't give up! Give Edens Consulting Group a call. 


What Our Clients Say

“I really formed a strong relationship with Zakiya over the years. I can not credit all of the success to myself. I can not thank her enough for the amount of commitment that she had for my success as well as my own professional development.”

T. Holley 

 Major: Biology & Society Concentration: Health & Business 

Applied Economics and Management  

Cornell University Graduate


"You have to stay in school. You have to. You have to go to college. You have to get your degree. Because that's the one thing people can't take away from you is your education. And it is worth the investment."

Michele Obama

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